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1969 Chevrolet Camaro Z/28 RS


In 1969, Chevrolet was producing many large-cubic-inch engine, powerful muscle cars.  Of course, these cars were known for their straight-line performance, but had a tendency to come up short in the twisties.  However, ever since 1967 they’d also produced a more balanced, lighter muscle car they ended up naming after the RPO code you checked off on the order sheet to get it—it was the Z/28 Camaro. 

In 1969, Chevrolet produced only 20,302 real Z/28 Camaros.  The vast majority of these cars were built at the Norwood, Ohio assembly plant and it is nearly impossible to find a build sheet in a Norwood car (majority were pulled from the cars on the assembly line).  This is a Norwood assembly plant Z/28 without a build sheet, but the story doesn’t end there.  A little more than 2,000 of those 69 Z/28s were sent for sale in Canada.  Unlike GM USA, GM Canada kept all the records of the cars they sold, and later put them all on microfiche for storage.  These records have original selling dealer, original owner, options on the car, vehicle identification, build date, VIN #, etc.  In other words, everything you need to authenticate a 1969 Z/28 Camaro.  

302/290 HP engine, close-ratio Muncie M21 4-speed transmission and 4.10 geared 12-Bolt positraction rear axle.  Rare Rally Green with white stripes exterior and black standard interior.  Optioned with power front disc brakes, AM radio, bucket-seat head rests, rear spoiler, Rally Wheels with trim rings/center caps, White Letter E70X15 tires, and Special-Ducted (Cowl Induction) hood. 

Numbers match engine block, transmission and original rear axle.  In addition, you’ll find the matching VIN # stamped in the sheet metal under the cowl grate.  Most importantly, there’s the GM Canada documentation report sheet and Camaro expert Jerry McNeishs’ certification that this is a genuine 1969 Camaro Z/28! 

Please call Gary at (678) 717-7268 or (704) 721-0090 if questions. 

- 302/290 HP
- 4 Speed Close Ratio Transmission
- 4.10 Rear
- Rally Green Exterior with White Stripes
- Black Standard Interior
- Ducted Hood
- Rear Spoiler
- GM Canada and Jerry McNeish Documented



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